my book ‘Made in India’ is available for pre-order

It’s out. It’s out. It’s out. My book is out.

Well out, so to speak.

On amazon for pre-order at least and showing its shiny new face for the first time. To be clicked on mainly by those who are too excited to wait to until it launches (like my mum) or want to be first in line for a copy (my friends) or are just incredibly well-organized (all the Aunty-ji’s).

I won’t lie. I can’t help but stare at the page on amazon. That’s my name on the spine and this one little page, amongst amazon’s trillion pages is a summary of an enormous body of work. Not just mine but a whole fairytale’s worth of people at Penguin’s hard work too.

In this book are 130 recipes I have spent years collecting from my family, creating in my kitchen and positively obsessing over in private. Soon they will be public and yours to own. I am all at once incredibly excited and slightly terrified for what is to come when it is finally out on 3rd July.

Over the next few months i’ll be posting up exclusive recipes from the book as well as other exciting launch news on this blog, so stay tuned.


Made in India Ottolenghi Full Cover

Design by the spectacularly talented John Hamilton at Penguin. Look at those lovely tigers.


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