Cooking the perfect dal on BBC Radio 4 Woman’s Hour

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This time last week I was thrilled to little tiny pieces to be going on Radio 4 Woman’s Hour to cook my family’s dal recipe live for Jenni Murray with the rest of the nation listening in.

Could you imagine? I’ve been listening to Woman’s Hour from my kitchen for years: tuning in to Jenni’s dulcet tones leading the nation’s women on all sorts of topics from health, to politics to education and of course, food.

So actually being invited on to cook on the ‘cook the perfect’ slot was more mind-blowing than a naga chilli.

As it happens, it was a fabulous experience. Shoku, Jenni and the rest of the team were magicians. It takes a lot of coordination and hard work everyday to provide the nation with fantastic radio like that. Cooking my dal in comparison, was easy.

Listen to my cook the perfect slot here and get the recipe, here.