How to crack a coconut


Admittedly coconuts don’t look like they want to be cracked into, they are immensely private fruits. But this a skill that once you master will impress most people you know as well as giving you the fresh sweet taste of paradise you’ve been waiting for all your life.

First, shake your coconut. Ahem. A heavy water laden coconut is the sign of a healthy meaty coconut and means you’ll need a bowl to catch the water in.

hairy coconut

Next, grab a heavy blunt knife. Now, holding the coconut in one hand and over the bowl, tap it hard on it’s belly all the way around the entire circumference of the coconut. Keep tapping until it cracks open.

cracked coconut

Now you can either wedge out chunks of coconut using a knife or save yourself the time and buy a hand-turn coconut grater (they’re around £3 here Amersons in Bombay but around £7 on Amazon UK) and in two minutes you’ll have freshly grated coconut to do with whatever you please.

coconut scraped

 Mine is going into a prawn gussi, a delicious Mangalorean dish from the west coast of India. (I will share the recipe on here soon).

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